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Institute for Cross-Border Health Care
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Promoting quick access for people across the globe to most advanced technology and high quality health care we make desirable achievable
The Institute for Cross-Border Health Care is a Munich-based research organization of the experienced and respected health and cross-border health care professionals, and a co-operation partner of private and public health care providers, public officials, and representatives of government departments, international organizations, and non-governmental organizations, industrial representatives and other health care key players across the globe.
 Our mission is through internationalization of medical care to reduce health care inequalities in quality, pricing and use of advanced technology for those patients seeking medical care abroad and to raise awareness of the high level of quality health care available in Germany.
We do this by:
·         supporting current developmentsat international level in the field of a cross-border health care phenomenon known also as medical travel, medical tourism, health tourism, global healthcare, health care abroad, medical outsourcing or medical treatment abroad
·         encouraging international mobility and provide affordable access to quality care for the patients from CIS states ( country formerly in the Soviet Union), EU and non-EU countries, and USA in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the patient's home country
·         developing international cooperation networks responsible for the international flows of goods, personnel stuffs and patient mobility combining research and practical approach to cross-border health care
·         promoting teamwork between international patients and major players in the field of health care, German hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, care facilities, doctors in private practices on regional level combining the requirements of both the demand and supply side
·         advancing scientific excellence through our rigorous research,the facilitation of conferences, workshops, courses and publications, accreditation and other forms of engagementwhere cross-border health care is promoted as a way and research tool
·         analyzing factors and conditions obstructing or conducive to the successful cross-border health care
·         making contribution to increase healthy life expectancy protecting and promoting human health, disease control and prevention
·         enhancing life value eliminating health disparities by generation and application of knowledge and possibilities of cross-border health care
·         reducing lack of up-to-date and complete data on cross-border care carrying out statistic, analyses, current development trends and developing concepts in national and international co-operations
·         developing medical information campaigns and publicating of guidelines to continuously educate  patients and all interested about quality standards for cross-border health care
 Why Germany? 
Institute for Cross-Border Health Care are trying to bring together the interests of patients, providers and medical
travel facilitators. Germany is as a most attractive destination for medical travel aprecciated by patients
from all over the world due to advantages of Germany health care which recognized as advanced                      
technology, high quality and quicker access to care for medically necessary prosedure at the best available price.   
The primarily advantages of Germany healht care are:    
  • The best ratio of price and quality: the quality of treatment you receive is directly proportional to the financial costs that you invest
  • Luxury and affordability: a diverse level of services, from economic to business and first class, with consistently high quality of health care
  • Wide range of medical facilities: We represent hundreds of German clinics and hospitals, including diagnostic, orthopedic, dental, cosmetic and rehabilitative health care centers
  • Quality of medical services: you will be treated with highly qualified doctors in the rank of professors and doctors of medical sciences
  • Patient - centered approach in the organization of medical programs: you get exactly the treatment that is necessary to your personality
  • Full control of your health program: You get complete, accurate and objective information about the progress of treatment
  • Equipment used in German clinics and hospitals for diagnostics and health treatment meets the latest requirement of the medical technology: the use of advanced medical devices from firms Siemens and Philips ensure the most accurate diagnosis of your illness and full control during the operation time
  • No side effects and complications during the operation: we will arrange medical treatment only in those clinics, which have the best records of health care quality according to the Ministry of Health of Germany and independent medical experts in Europe
  • Quick recovery: the minimum length of stay in hospital after surgery because of post-operative care according to European standards and friendly atmosphere of medical staff is granted
  • Effective rehabilitation: rehabilitation activities based on the latest developments of European medical scientists in the short term return you to healthy life

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