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Accreditation and Certification
Numerous interviews with international medical travelers from all over the world and our own confirmed that it fails on transparency about the quality of health care for those going abroad for treatment. On the other hand some actors in the field, providers and facilitators called for internationally established standards for quality of health care and respected rules of conduct. The focus of the consideration is also on the reliability of information,substance and content of the health messages and ads provided by medical travel community and their websites. Rare attempts in the direction of clarification made by some sometimes difficulty identified organizations seem to be neither satisfactory nor acceptable by relevant parties, as well as public and private bodies. To meet international standards in health care it was urgent to provide specific tools for rating and grading of medical travel businesses, and to set up codes of conduct or a commonly agreed set of criteriaby which providers can be attested to their high quality services.
As a result Institute for Cross-Border Health Carehas launched it’s the only international program to accredit the accreditors and to certificate all involved in cross-border health care process: facilitators, hospitals, others health care organizations.
The objectives for the programs were defined as follows:
·         to make the life of patients traveling to another country safer   by promoting high quality, accessible health related information
·         to provide a set of criteria that can be consistently used by many individuals of different nations and cultures to assess the quality of cross-border health care
·         to educate, consult and evaluate key players of medical travel market who deliberate agree to be accessed and to receive an accreditation or certification respectively
·         to assist individuals to sift through the mountains of information available so as to be better able to discern “who is who” in medical tourism and travel
·         to make it possible for patients to recognize valid and reliable messages from those which are misleading or inaccurate
·         to continuously improve quality of cross-border health care
·         to facilitate compliance of accreditation and certification programs with EU Directives, other health care current guidelines and international standardsrelevant to this area
Application Process
If you want to provide confidence and credibility to your customers and partners demonstrating that your medical services meet health care international standards specifically developed for evaluation of quality of cross-border health care and wish to apply for Accreditation or Certification program please contact us for the Application Form by e-mail.
 Last modified: 09.2012