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There is no need to extensively describe all the diseases related to orthopedics


There is no need to extensively describe all the diseases related to orthopedics


We did not intend to extensively describe all the diseases related to cardiovascular


Cancer or cancerous tumor is known as a malignant tumor or a malignant tissue neoplasm


"Cancer or cancerous tumor is known as a malignant tumor or a malignant tissue neoplasm


"Cancer or cancerous tumor is known as a malignant tumor or a malignant tissue neoplasm
Institute for Cross-Border Health Care and our message to the patients

Nobody  wants to make compromises in the quality of medical care or to be satisfied with little, when it comes to one's health care or the health of a loved one. After all, everyone hopes that doctors will do everything possible to alleviate suffering and save one's life.

However, the difference in quality and the cost of health care results for more and more people in the world in a difficult choice, whether they can afford exactly that medical treatment they really need.
The problem is not new. Even in ancient times sick and injured people traveled very long journey by foot, cart or ship to well-known healers in searching of healing and recovery. Why ignore the thousands years experiences now, when modern methods of transportation are ready to deliver you from continent to continent in a few hours.
After all you go abroad on holiday, on business trips and shopping tours then why not go abroad for health care? Should one wait at home before one agrees with the finale diagnosis? May be  it is better to take the opportunity of cross-border health care or medical travel to Europe respectively, the reality of which one in some countries could only dream of 20-30 years ago.
Institute for Cross-Border Health Care and his team of medically qualified stuff have a big experience in providing access to high quality medical care at world-class hospitals and treatment from qualified proven physicians for international patients in Germany. We are ready to offer you all achievements of modern world medicine, knowledge and experience of qualified doctors and professors, medical stuffs and world-class medical equipment.
All leading clinics in Germany are our partners. It makes possible that individual requirements of each patient will be completely fulfilled.
A wide range of medical facilities and accommodations in Germany provides each patient the possibility that his or her journey for health care will be both luxurious and affordable. 
The main objective of the Institute is healthy patients, overcoming their diseases and ailments.The high quality of German medicine, plus the experience and expertise of our employees is a guarantee that any patient who turn to us for a help, will not be only satisfied with the quality of our services, but will recommend our Institute in the future to their relatives and friends, colleagues and all those who need quality health care. After all, client's personal recommendation - this is the best advertising for everybody.
If you have questions or want to start planning your cross-border health care journey just now, please fill out the request form and send it to us. Be sure that all documents sent to us is strictly confidential and in compliance with the law of Germany on "Protecting the identical records of individuals" (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) will never be provided to third parties.
For all information the website provides, its operation and content is responsible Institute for Cross-Border Health Care. Managing editor of the site is Dr Anna Berger, cardiologist, Institute for Cross-Border Health Care, Munich. Information provided on the site is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional. The site audience of the site is global customers, public and private bodies, prospective medical travelers, health professionals, commercial and government organizations. We respect the legal requirements, including those concerning medical and personal information privacy that applies in Germany and EU and Quality Criteria for Health Related Websites according to guidelines of EU. All information contains from external sources is provided to the source data. Any information collected by our website such as email address and etc., will never be passed on to any third party, unless required by low. 
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