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Cancer or cancerous tumor is known as a malignant tumor or a malignant tissue neoplasm. In a narrower sense, the malignant epithelial tumors -carcinoma and malignant  mesenchymal tumors -sarcomas are meant.  

Benign tumors including moles and fatty tumors (lipomas) are not referred  to cancer but they could still be dangerous because they can degenerate or impair the function of vital organs.

Cancer is a generic term in common usage for a variety of related illnesses meant uncontrolled growth of body cells  which divide, displace and destroy healthy tissue.  Cancer has different triggers leading ultimately to a disruption of all genetically controlled balance between cell cycle (growth and division) and cell death (apoptosis).

Devoting themselves to the cancer medical specialist discipline is oncology.

German clinics use different options to treat cancer depending on patient-centered approach:

  1. Resection: surgical removal of the tumor and adjacent lymph nodes.
  2. Radiotherapy:
    • with radioactive substances ( radioactive iodine)
    • with X-rays
    • with electrons or neutrons
    • with proton or ion irradiation which protects the tissue around the tumor
    • with microwaves, heating of the affected tissue
  3. Drug Treatment :
    • with chemotherapy- cancer cells are prevented from reproducing or stopped
    • Hormone, testosterone deprivation, for example, in prostate cancer
    • Inhibition of blood vessel growth (cancerous tissue attracts blood vessels to grow toward the cancer tissue to supply it.)
    • Cancer immunotherapy (several procedures on the basis of the immune system. For example, monoclonal antibodies,
    • radioimmunotherapy, immunotoxins, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin, or cytokines)
  4. Palliative treatment are aimed to promote the quality of life:
    • Administration of analgesics
    • Improvement of the general treatment of pain by
    • Adequate nutrition
    • Inhibition of bone destruction
    • Increase in bone marrow hematopoietic
    • Symptomatic treatment such as dilatation of strictures by dilatation or insertion of stents
    • Physiotherapy (especially respiratory therapy) for lung cancer
  5. Alternative treatment methods, including the mistletoe therapy or the use of amygdalin.  

The most frequently methods used by foreign patient coming for health care to Germany are:

•    Bone Marrow Transplant
•    Brachytherapy by prostate cancer
•    Brain tumor surgery
•    Cyberknife cancer therapy
•    Green laser light therapy by prostate cancer
•    High intensity focused ultrasound
•    Holmium Laser  
•    Laser Prostatectomy
•    Nephrectomy Malignant
•    Optical urethrotomy/laser
•    Radical prostatectomy
•    Rectal resection
•    Transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT)
•    Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)

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