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  Services, Payment and Enquiry

The employees of the Institute for Cross-Border Health Care begin to organize your medical trip to Europe for health care immediately after the moment when you send us a request form on our website

This means that a team of experienced and qualified experts ready at any time to start organizing your medical and service programs and provide you with these and other services:


·         an individual medical consultation to determine the optimal method of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation

 ·         organization of extramural advice and consultation in clinics and health centers based on the submitted medical  records of the patient

 ·         choice of profile medical institution in accordance with the diagnosis and the individual wishes

 ·         compilation of medical and service programs, the calculation of the cost of operations and treatment

 ·         translation of patient’s medical records into German for the attention of clinics and doctors

 ·         support by obtaining German visas

 ·         reservation of wished accommodation in a hospital

 ·         providing confirmation of the date of hospital admission and length of stay

 ·         provision of qualified medical interpreter at the time of stay in hospital

 ·         reservation of a hotel

 ·         airport pick up

 ·         acquisition of necessary medication to continue treatment at home

 ·         translation of medical documents in the mother language received afterdischarge from hospital, consultations or surveys

 ·         shopping and cultural programs


Undoubtedly, the cost of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation is an important aspect when deciding on a trip to Germany for health care. Unfortunately, there is no 100% ready-made estimations of cost for any individual’s treatment in the medicine nor accurate to the penny price lists with prices for all possible kinds of medical treatment. In fact, the body of each patient is known to be unique. The response of any organism during the ailment or treatment is also unique. The result is that each patient, even by the same diagnosis needs a unique approach or method of treatment that determines the nature of one illness’s, operation method and the length of the stay in a hospital.


Therefore, the calculation of the medical travel cost is only possible after receiving complete medical records about patient diseases: current doctor’s files, images of computer tomography and X-rays, blood tests results and other medical documents.

After receiving from you the required medical records, consultation with the clinic, where you will be treated, and according to your choice of extra services, our staff will be able to prepare the calculations and tell you the total cost of your trip for health care.


If you decide to enter into a contract of cross-border health care, you must make a preliminary payment of funds to an account of our company. A full pre-payment is also a requirement of the German embassy for many citizens when applying for a medical visa for entry into the European Union. 

The agreement on the providing of health care services in Germany between the Institute of Cross-Border Health Care and the patient regulates all matters of surcharge or refund in the event of changes in the volume and timing of treatment, duration of the stay, patient non-arrival, etc.

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